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18+ Coming Soon

(18+) Coming Soon – June week 4, 2019:

Wow! The Mint Blancmanche form Galaxy Angel is super cute! Can’t believe Broccoli really make a figure of a show from almost 20 years ago! EXQ Akemi Homura Swimsuit Ver., Ohara Mari Summer Ver. by Bandai Spirits Ichiban Kuji: IM@S Million Live! ~Harmony Festival!!~ by Bandai Spirits Sizilien von Claude Bath Ver., Himeragi Yukina by …

18+ 2020/01 release Completed figure

(18+) COMIC Penguin Celeb – Mousou Teien Yamanashi Yurie Illustration by Saburo 1/6 PVC figure by Daiki Kougyou

Daiki Kougyou is going to release the Mousou Teien ( 妄想庭園 ) Yamanashi Yurie ( 山梨由梨江 ) Illustration by Saburo (illustrated byサブロー ) 1/6 PVC figure from the illustration from ero manga magazine “COMIC Penguin Celeb” ( COMIC ペンギンセレブ ) 2017 Vol. 03 illustrated by “Saburo” ( サブロー ). Will be released in January 2020. …