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18+ Coming Soon

(18+) Coming Soon – May week 4, 2018

Today I waited and watched the GSC niconico live broadcast! I haven’t watch it for a long time due to the time zone reason. It’s always cool to see the upcoming figure on live. =D EXQ C.C. Pilot suit, Takafuji Kako, Kurosawa Dia 2nd by Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Monogatari Series -A scene of Koyomi’s summer- …

18+ 2018/11 release Completed figure

(18+) Comic Anthurium – Beach Girl Selfie Shirokizaki Kyoko 1/6 PVC figure by Daiki Kougyou

Daiki Kougyou is going to release the Beach Girl Selfie ( ビーチガールセルフィ ) Shirokizaki Kyoko ( 白木崎恭子 ) 1/6 PVC figure in the story "Beach Girl Selfie" ( ビーチガールセルフィ ) from ero manga magazine “Comic Anthurium” ( コミックアンスリウム ) 2017 Vol. 08 written by “Ito Daiku” ( 伊藤第九 ). Will be released in November 2018. …