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Event Wonder Festival

Wonder Festival 2020 [Shanghai] Part 6: Metal Power, Miyuki, Monster Toys, Onmyoji, Orange Cat Industry, Orchidseed, PartyLook, Phalaeno, Q-six, Queen Studios Collectibles

An event of figures, models, and garage kits, Wonder Festival 2020 [Shanghai] ( ワンダーフェスティバル2020上海[Shanghai] ) was held from October 03 to 04, 2020 at Shanghai New International Expo Center ( 上海新国际博览中心 ). Let’s go to the Wonfes in China!

2019/12 release Plastic model

Cowentional Automatic Tyler – Felis Multi Purpose Humanoid Robot 1/12 plastic model kit by WAVE

WAVE (manufactured by Orange Cat Industry ( 橘猫工業)) is going to release the Multi Purpose Humanoid Robot "Felis" ( フェリス ) 1/12 plastic model kit from the Orange Cat Industry original series “Cowentional Automatic Tyler” ( 人类陪伴计划 ). Will be released in December 2019. Around 150mm tall, 2,980 yen. Kit is NOT pre-painted nor completed.