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Coming Soon – June week 2, 2014:

We have so many Super Sonico figures this week! (Oo. Color Collect DX Kantai Collection by MOVIC ARTFX Wonder Woman by Kotobukiya AGP Yamato by Bandai Okita Sawa by Phat! company Tenryu & Tatsuta by ASCII Media Works Ayase Eli & Sonoda Umi by FuRyu Super Sonico by TAITO OL Sonico by WING FairyTale Figure …

Coming Soon

Coming Soon – January week 5, 2013:

So many Super Sonico, Beach Queens, and Nendoroid news this week! =D Color Collect Karneval by MOVIC figma Gon by Max Factory First Cosmic Velocity Prize figure Fuzimori Yuu by PLUM Choco Ochi Lineage II & Toheart2 by Orchidseed Super Sonico Sonicomi Ver. by Orchidseed Alleyne by Orchidseed Super Sonico by A-Toys Beach Queens Takebe …

Coming Soon

Coming Soon – October week 1, 2012:

Sorry I’m late. I supposed to post this yesterday but I was sick… I a lot of figures in ths post had already been announced… OTL Mobaful Kyubey & Charlotte by MOVIC Okita Sawa by Phat! company Nymph by PLUM CharaGumin Nishizumi Miho by Volks Capsule Q Fraulein: Fate Zero by Kaiyodo Kisaragi Saya by …