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18+ Coming Soon

(18+) Coming Soon – January week 5, 2018

Yeah! Finally I’m almost fully recovered! \(^^./ Meguro Megumi, Ruler by FuRyu Hakurei Reimu WF Limited figure -Blue- by FuRyu Kirisame Marisa WF Limited figure -White- by FuRyu Creator x Creator -Shenron- by Banpresto Grandista -Resolution of Soldiers- Super Saiyan Rose by Banpresto Banpresto World Figure Colosseum Chapter 1 & 2 by Banpresto Son Goku …

Coming Soon

Coming Soon – October week 4, 2017

We have so many Saekano figure news this week. And looks like those Nendoroid Disney and Pixar series is going to become a new Mr.Wallet killer. (Oo. One Piece Abiliators -Portgas D Ace- by Banpresto Girly Girls -Boa Hancock- by Banpresto Super Dragon Ball Heros WCF & DXF ~7th Anniversary~ by Banpresto Dragon Ball Super …