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Coming Soon – April week 1, 2018

There were a lot of fake figure news this week! Japanese companies love April Fool’s Day and they love to release fake news on April 1. I tried my best to screen out all the fake news this week. I hope everything here is real. XD Kaenbyou Rin, Shameimaru Aya, Patchouli Knowledge by FuRyu SSS …

18+ Coming Soon

Coming Soon – July week 3, 2015:

Wonder Festival is coming in less then 2 weeks and I’m gonna be really busy starting next week… (-___-. Color Collect Dramatical Murder by MOVIC Fine Quality Figure Harukaze Doremi by FuRyu Miyu Edelfelt & Illyasviel von Einzbern by FuRyu PM Sendai Kai Ni by SEGA Santa Costume Figure Milinda Brantini, Froletia Capistrano by SEGA …

Coming Soon

Coming Soon – April week 1, 2013:

We have so many news this week! It is confirmed the Nendoroid Sakura Mikudayo is just an April fool joke, but I’m not so sure about the Kasane Teto prize figure by SEGA. Color Collect Karneval by MOVIC Color Collect Vivdred Operation by MOVIC Color Collect Tales of Xillia & Tales of Xillia 2 by …