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Coming Soon – October week 5, 2015:

We have so many news especially from Pulchra this week! I’m really looking forward to the Fairy Garden Freesia and Aihara Enju! =D Tadokoro Megumi & Mito Ikumi by FuRyu PM Nagato Yuki by SEGA Birthday Figure Project Yazawa Nico by ASCII Media Works Street Fighter V series by Storm Collectibles Girls Fontline Mauser Kar98k …

Coming Soon

Coming Soon – July week 2, 2015:

It’s super hot here in these few weeks! And we had a very bad wildfire this morning and the air quality is really really bad now. ='( PM Machiko Ryo by SEGA Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax HG Himeragi Yukina by SEGA Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax HG Kuroyukihime by SEGA PM Aihara Enju by SEGA Illyasviel …

Coming Soon

Coming Soon – June week 1, 2015:

Mega Hobby EXPO was just finished in the weekend and I still have the 40th Prize Fair event report to do. I’m gonna be so busy in these 2 weeks. By the way, the Sanya & Eila by Alter are soooo nice and I need them! Hopefully they will be under 18,000 yen. (@@. Color …