Volks CharaGumin is going to release the Super Pochaco ( すーぱーぽちゃ子 ) Valentine Swimwear Ver. ( バレンタイン水着ver. ) 1/8 colored resin cast GK from one of the mascots of Nitro+ “Super Pochaco” ( すーぱーぽちゃ子 ). Will be released at the event All That’s Hobby 23 ( オールザッツホビー23) on March 07, 2015. Around 180mm tall, 33 parts + eye decals, 10,000 yen. Kit is NOT pre-painted nor completed.Volks exclusive.

Super Pochaco, Ayanami Rei, Mutou Hana, Selvaria Bles, Panzer IV D-Type (left to right)

Sorry my friends, this Super Pochaco Valentine Swimwear Ver. is not for the upcoming “Hobby Round 15”, but for the “All That’s Hobby 2” in March. I totally forgot about that event and forgot to check out the Volks website so I missed her along with some other GK…. OTL

——Description from Manufacturer——

SUPER POCHACO Valentine Swimwear Ver.

Thank you for waiting!
Event Limited CharaGumin “SUPER POCHACO” finally comes to you!
Enjoy building with your hands this nice and voluptuous body!
The cream for her bottom is a separated part, so you can recreate the figure with bare skin too.

Available only during the exhibitions or special events organized by Volks. This item will not be generally available. We will stop accepting orders as soon as the figures are sold out. So don’t miss your chance.