Volks CharaGumin is going to release the Super Sonico ( すーぱーそに子 ) More More Parka Swimsuit Suntanned Ver. ( もあもあパーカー水着日焼けver. ) 1/8 colored resin cast GK from one of the mascots of Nitro+ “Super Pochaco” ( すーぱーぽちゃ子 ). Will be released at the event Chara Hobby 2015 C3 X Hobby ( キャラホビ2015 C3×HOBBY) on August 22-23, 2015. Around 240mm tall, 44 parts + eye decals, 10,000 yen. Kit is NOT pre-painted nor completed. Volks event exclusive.

Super Sonico (left), Super Pochaco (right)

Here come suntanned version of Super Sonico and Super Pochaco! Both of them are event exclusive and they will not be available at Volks store at all. If you want to get them, your only hope is attend to the event(s). For more information, please check out the Volks’ Chara Hobby 2015 C3 X Hobby page HERE.