AZONE is going to release the PureNeemo Character Series No.019 Miyafuji Yoshika ( 宮藤芳佳 ) 1/6 doll from the anime “Strike Witches” ( ストライクウィッチーズ ). Will be released in February 2010. Around 260mm tall (280mm tall with striker) 19,000 yen.

Here is another AZONE dolls that I mentioned in the Touhou puppet post. Althought this Miyafuji Yoshika is same 1/6 size doll as the AZONE Fate, they’re actually from two different series and used two totally different doll bodies. I personally like the look of this PureNeemo body, the joints movement are very limited tho. But I guess it doesn’t really matter since you can always buy another body to replace this one if you don’t like it.

Btw, I find that the 14,000 yen Akiyama Mio doll that we saw last month is actually pretty cheap compared to this Miyafuji and Fate. (-_______-.

The PureNeemo body

Yoshika’s *Eyes Awakening