Hamusuta Koubou ( はむすた工房 ) is going to release the Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen (エイラ・イルマタル・ユーティライネン ) 1/7 resin cast GK form the anime “Strike Witches” ( ストライクウィッチーズ ). Will be released in Wonder Festival 2010[Summer] on July 25, 2010. Price unknown. Kit is not pre-painted nor assembled.

The table number of Araarakomatta Dou in Wonder Festival 2010[Summer] is “2-24-05”, you will find them there.

Somebody asked me about this Eila GK after Treasure-Festa 2010 in Akiba last month. I didn’t have any info about her back then so I really couldn’t help. But now she is for sell in Wonfes today! But beside she is 1/7, I still don’t have any info like no. of parts or parts. =P

Strike Witches 2 ED