Aoshima is going to release the CharaMofu ( キャラもふ ) Perrine-H. Clostermann ( ペリーヌ・クロステルマン ) Plush from the anime “Strike Witches” ( ストライクウィッチーズ ). Will be released in April 2010. Around 200mm tall, 3,800 yen.

Miyafuji Yoshika, Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen, Sanya V.Litvyak

Perrine-H. Clostermann, Sakamoto Mio

Today we have the fouth and fifth Strike Witches plushies by Aoshima today. Aaaah, what did they do to my cute little Perrine? =( Her glasses looks ridiculous and looks like she is about to cry. Seems like Aoshima isn’t really good at making plushies. Now I’m really worry about my Holo which will be released in Februrary that I pre-ordered. =/

I don’t wear pantsu today