Kaiyodo is going to release the Revoltech SFO Ryu ( リュウ) action figure (produced by GSC) from the online PC game “Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation” ( ストリートファイターオンライン マウスジェネレーション ). Will be released in October 2008. Around 105mm tall, 1,680 yen.

I think I told you guys that I’m a big Street Fighter friend before right? But guess what, I’m not interested in this SFO at all. I think this game sux. The mouse control sux big time. I think playing streeting fighter without joystick/joypad is a big no no.

Hey guys, you know what? Good Smile Company have a English site now!!! And guess what I would do? Keekee, I’ll just copy and paste the description from there.

——Description from GSC——

The joints are put to their full use to recreate the decisive Hadouken!!

The characters from the king of fighting games “Street Fighter”, are finally being released as Revoltech figures! The first character to be released is, of course, Ryu. Wearing his karate gi with a red headband, he is the man who has always been searching for the knowledge to become the “True Fighter”. All his joints are revolver joints, allowing his well-known techniques to be recreated. The characters in “Street Fighter Online” also use revolver joints, so that you can interchange their parts to make your own original characters. If you collect the rest of the figures that are due to come out in this series, you can keep your favorite characters both by your side and in the game!

Street Fighter Online trailer

Official Street Fighter Online homepage

source from Good Smile Company