MegaHouse is going to release the Excellent Model CAPCOMANIAX Ibuki ( いぶき )1/8 PVC figure from the arcade game “Street Fighter III 3rd Strike” by the end of July. 5,500 yen.

I still remembered when I was in junior highschool, the first Street Fighter II released. My classmates and I would go to acrade everyday after school just to play SFII. I skipped school couple times just to go acrade for it, lol. When I went to college, SFIII released. Just like what I did in junior high, I went to acrade everyday after school. And sometimes my friend an I would drove to those 24hrs acrade at night to ply SFIII overnight. Ken and Ryu and Alex were my favour characters. Ibuki was good, but I didn’t really like to use female characters in SF. =P

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