Kotobukiya is going to release the Play Arts Reimi Saionji ( レイミ・サイオンジ ) & Edge Maverick ( エッジ・マーベリック ) action figure from the “Star Ocean” game series “Star Ocean 4 -The Last Hope-” published by Square Enix. Will be released in May 2009. Reimi Saionji around 207mm tall, Edge Maverick around 197mm tall, 3,800 yen each.

Order Reimi Saionji here
Order Edge Maverick here

I wonder why there are not many photo (only 2) for these two figures. We can’t even see the side and the back of them. But from the only photos we have here, I think they looks pretty good. They look really close to the original 2D illustration but kinda off if you compared them to the 3D CG. I really don’t like the eyes of the 3D CG. I think they’re really scary, I prefer the 2D version. XP

As for their size, 207mm and 197mm is around 1/8 scale. For those (me) who are used to figma and Fraulein action figure, there two are pretty big. I might get the Reimi Saionji, she looks really cute to me. =D

Star Ocean 4 -The Last Hope- Trailer

Official Star Ocean 4 -The Last Hope- homepage

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