AZONE is going to release the PureNeemo Character Series No.026 Sorami Kanata ( 空深 彼方 ) 1/6 doll from the light novel/manga/anime “So Ra No Wo To” ( ソ・ラ・ノ・ヲ・ト ). Will be released in June 2010. Around 250mm, 14,000 yen.

The PureNeemo Character Series dolls from AZONE is really attractive. They are very cute and very affortable (relatively speaking) for us PVC figure collectors.

Overall this Sorami Kanata is really nice, but her eyes are a little bit scary to me. I couldn’t really tell what wrong with the eyes. Maybe the iris are a bit too small and showed too many white space above the iris? So to make sure I was right, I photochopped the photo below and enlarge her iris to 110%. And WOW, she looks so much better now! And, haha, she looks like Yui now!!! XD

I know it isn’t possible to most of people to have the skill to redraw the iris. If the problem is just the white space above the iris, can we fix it by lower the eyelashes a bit or jsut simply draw the eyelashes thicker to cover the white space? So I did another photochop and draw the eyelashes thicker, and wow, it works too! XD

——Description from Manufacturer——

Hailing from the small garrison known as Toritsuge Fortress, the communications officer who lears by doing, Kanata Sorami, is here! She may be a soldier, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t cute! And she is reproduced pefectly with rooted hair and a Pure Neemo body in this great new doll! Of course she comes with her baggy Republic Army uniform, and even features a new backpack and helmet made specifically for this doll! She also comes complete with her own off-duty clothes, perfect for lounging around the house! And finally, her beloved trumpet is also included!

  • Body: Pure Neemo Flexion
  • Head: Newly Molded Soft Vinyl Head with Rooted Hair
  • Clothes: Republic of Helvetia Army Uniform, socks, boots
  • Accessories: Trumpet, Helmet, Backpack, chemise, option hands x 5

Body: PureNeemo Flexion

So Ra No Wo To ep7.5 preview