Embrace Japan is going to release the Hinako ( ひなこ ) 1/8 PVC figure from the doujin anime series “Isshoni Sleeping – Sleeping with Hinako” ( いっしょにすりーぴんぐ Sleeping with Hinako). Will be released in December 2010. Around 200mm long, 7,800 yen. Will be bundled with the “Isshoni Sleeping – Sleeping with Hinako” DVD (with original package).

You can order her here

Honestly I couldn’t finish the whole Isshoni Sleeping DVD. I just kept skipping the scenes. Beside the hardcore Hinako fans, I bet nobody can actually watch the whole DVD without skip anything. XD

The original DVD cost 2,500 yen. So in some sense, this Hinako figure is only 7,800-2,500=5,300 yen. Kinda like a good deal?

——Description from Manufacturer——

A figure to keep you company at night.

From “Isshoni Sleeping”, the popular anime that helps get you to sleep and helps you to wake up in the morning, comes a 1/8th scale PVC figure of the main character, Hinako. She has jumped out of the anime world and into the figure world for you to take home!

There is one little problem though… she is wearing the sexy negligee from the anime… which is more likely to keep you awake than get you to sleep!

As an added bonus, the entire “Isshoni Sleeping” DVD will be included with the figure! With the figure and the DVD, you’re bound to have that peaceful sleep you need!


Sleeping with Hinako 1/5