Max Factory is going to release the PLAMAX MF-01 minimum factory Nene ( ネーネ ) 1/20 Plastic model kit from the “Shunya Yamashita Military Qty’s” ( 山下しゅんや ミリタリーキューティーズ ). Will be released in August 2015. Around 90mm tall, comes with base + eye decals, 2,870 yen. Kit is NOT pre-painted nor completed.

  • You can order her here:

Here comes a new product line from Max Factory! I really want to see this Nene model. 90mm is really small. It is just around the size of trading figure. It would be a painful experience trying to paint it. XD

This bonus is included with all purchases of this item. Design shown here is for illustrative purposes only. The final design may differ.

——Description from Manufacturer——

Figure x Plastic Model. A simple yet beautiful figure model kit.

The ‘minimum factory’ series of plastic models was made with the following concept in mind: ‘Figures that anybody can easily assemble’. Simply by gluing together the color-separated parts and then sticking on the eye decals, you can easily assemble your very own figure to add to your collection!

The very first in the series one of popular illustrator Shunya Yamashita’s original characters, ‘Nene’. Build the cute military girl with your own two hands!

Max Factory’s Plastic Models are now ‘PLAMAX’!

Max Factory’s plastic model series began with the Fang of the Sun Dougram series, and are now set to continue with the creation of the new ‘PLAMAX’ series! The series will not only include anime mecha, but also scale and other figures in the future! Look forward to the upcoming developments of PLAMAX!