Kotobukiya is going to release the Phantom EX-Xecty ( ファントム イグゼクティ ) 1/8 PVC figure from the Kotobukiya X Hobby Japan X SEGA joint project “Shining World – Strangers”. Will be released in February 2011. Around 220mm tall, 6,800 yen.

September 27, 2011: Updated with my BS

You can order her here

It’s late now so I’ll come back with my BS tomorrow.

This is a new “Shining” series, a joined project of Kotobukiya, Hobby Japan, and SEGA. The name “Shining World – Strangers” is just temporary, they might change it later on. Well, actually her name “Phantom EX-Xecty” is temporary too.

I’m not so sure what is this joint project is. Seems like they will take the old characters from all the Shining series and have them redesigned. You can check out the magazine scans last month in August 2010 for more upcoming characters.

As some of you said, She is very articulated. I think it would be great if figma or Revoltech make a action figure for her. Oh btw, the stand is just there for the photo session. You will have a different base for her in the final product.

FYI, the next one for for Shining-World – Strangers will be Maxima! Is she gonna be castoffable? =P

——Description from Manufacturer——

#1 of the Shining heroine mechanized figure series developed under the collaboration of Kotobukiya x HobbyJAPAN x SEGA.

The twin-tail unit on her head is ball-jointed.