Not much an update, just want to show off some figures that I got in September. XD Well, since I’m writting this, I may as well do some site update.

  • As of the moment I’m writting this, is ranked 224,343.(was 235,111 three weeks ago)
  • We have 614 registered user, 112 feed readers, and 36 email subscribers now. =]

Click the ad banners if you have time guys. (T T.

A local store was having a 20% off promotion, so I went there and picked up the Becky figure and the YPC5GoGo trading figures. Was gonna get the Melissa Seraphy Nendoroid, but she was sold when I got there. ='(

Yes! Precure5 GoGo! =D

Anybody read/watch the Pani Poni manga/anime? Um… I guess no… (-______-.

Queen’s Gate Alice!!! Don’t have time to take her out of the box yet. =/

My sister bought me the Toushaka Rin, Kagami, Tsukasa, and Mikuru figma from Hong Kong. Figma are soooo cheap in Hong Kong! They’re less then US$20 each. (@@.

Got This Francesca Lucchini figure from Hobby Link Japan, she was on sale, only around 1,300 yen.=D

Once again, please remember to pre-order your fav figures. The Miku figma sold out everywhere in the first day!!! I feel sorry for those who couldn’t get a Miku figma in the store.

Just to clarify, I didn’t buy that many! I just bought two. I photochopped it for fun. =P

Click for larger image

“I am the bone of my songs.
Music is my body, and lyrics is my blood.
I have sang over a thousand concert.
Unknown to stop.
Nor known to quit.
Have withstood sleepiness to wrote many songs.
Yet, those hands will never hold anything but leek.
So as I pray, “Unlimited Miku Works.”