The new server sux! Now I’m looking for another server now. Seems like the normal hosting can’t handle Nekomagic and we’ll have to go for the business level server. It is a good thing that we’re getting this big, but the problem is I need more $$$ to maintenance it. That’s why you see the “Donate” button! Thank you for those who had donated to Nekomagic in the past few days before knowing what happened to us! Anyway, I’ll talk about it later. Let’s see our stat for the past month.


  • As of this moment, is ranked 89,022 (was 93,386 in August 2010). I thought we would dropped down a bit since we was moving server last month and the traffic on Nekomagic was horrible in those days.
  • Right now, we have 6,296 registered user (6,190 in July, 5,870 in August 2010). I screwed up the database and lost quite a lot of registered user’s data during the move but seems like they all came back! =D
  • Now we have 1,115 feed subscribers (1,215 in August 2010), and 706 email subscribers (690 in August 2010). I blame the new server for the drop. =P


  • New server sux! I always get 500 error now. The only way to solve it is moving to a better server. Oh man, another server hunt for me again. =/
  • The contact form in the Download section, Contact section, and Link Exchange section don’t work anymore after moving to this new server!! So if you tried to contact me with those form in the past 4-6 weeks, sorry, I didn’t get any of your message and please contact me with email instead. (@@.


  • As you can see we have a “Donate” button on the left right under the “Home” button. I can’t support this site by myself anymore so I really need your help! We need a business level server now. I don’t want to go for those super good one, just a normal level server for business is good enough. From what I saw, they’re around $50-150 a month.
  • Beside I need to pay for a better server, I also need to upgrade my computer. As I told some of you in Facebook, my computer is running very slow now. When I work on Nekomagic, I need to open tons of pages in the web browsers, need to use Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and another photo management program. All of them eat 75% of my RAM right away and my computer will get really slow. Currently I only have 4GB of RAM and I think I need 8GB which will cost around $250.
  • And my 5 (or is it 6?) yrs old monitor is drying. I’ll need to get a new in 2 to 3 months. I know LCD monitor is very cheap nowadays. But sadly since I’m a graphic designer, I can’t get those cheap one and I need a good one for better accurate color control. You don’t want to see the color of photo in Nekomagic are all off either right? But a better one will cost around $650. I hope I can have enough $$$ to get a good deal one in Christmas.
  • Thank you again for those who had donated to Nekomagic in the past few days before knowing what happened to us!!
  • I really want to put every penny that you guys give me into good use, but PayPal sux. If you donate $1, they will charge me $0.33 and I’ll only get $0.67 (2.9% + $0.30 Transaction fee). So if you want put your money to a better use for us, make it $2 please. =P

Oh well, let’s see some figures now. Here is what I get in the past month!

As I always say, I love SEGA prize figures!

Erica | Minna

figma Black Rock Shooter! Yea I got 2, one for me one for my friend.

WAVE Beach Queens Izumi Konata and Hiiragi Kagami! Their quality are really really good!

Izumi Konata | Hiiragi Kagami

My sad Revoltech Queen’s Gate Alice. You will see why she is so sad later.

Alter Yagyu Jubei! I was gonna do a review for her but I didn’t have time.

Revoltech Toroid and Kuroid! They’re really really cute! =D

Revoltech Toroid | Revoltech Kuroid

Now let’s see my sad Queen’s Gate Alice.

Her left breast was being eaten by alien out of box! I ordered her from Hobby Search. I emailed them and hopefully they would ship me a replacement. Sadly they didn’t have her in stock so they gave me a full refund without asked me to ship her back. But I don’t want my money back, I just want my Alice. ='(

Well anyway, let’s see my cheapo SEGA prize figure Strike Witches Erica Hartmann (left) and Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke (right).

Their qualities are really really good for their price.

Erica | Minna

I can’t wait to collect all 11 of them!

Now let’s see the WAVE Beach Queens Izumi Konata and Hiiragi Kagami.

Izumi Konata | Hiiragi Kagami

WAVE is doing a really really good job on the Beach Queens series. Like I sad before in the Beach Queen Misaka Mikoto post, the quality of WAVE is getting better and better, at least for this Beach Queens series.

Konata comes with a beach ball and an extra face.

You can turn her ahoge around. =D


She comes with 2 hair styles and a swim ring.

The paint job on them are super nice. As you can see the shading on their hair and skin are great. They even put glossy paint over their eyes. I really didn’t expect this kind of good quality from WAVE.





Last but not least, here are our friend Toro and his friend Kuro!!

Revoltech Toroid | Revoltech Kuroid

They look super cute in Vocaloid outfit! =D



Now with Toroid and Kuroid, my Miku collection is getter bigger and bigger.

See you next month!