Lilics Art Storm is going to release the Ikaruga Satsuki ( 斑鳩沙月 ) 1/8 PVC figure from the ero TRPG “Seinarukana -The Sprit of Eternity Sword 2-” ( 聖なるかな -The Sprit of Eternity Sword 2- ) published by Xuse. Will be released in July 2009. Around 160mm tall, 7,429 yen.

You can pre-order her here 

This Ikaruga Satsuki is a bit disappointing. Everything looks so nice, the paint job is good, the pose is great, and the sculpt work is nice…except for her face. They screw up her face….. This figure is sculpted by Cerberus Project, one of the popular GK group that I like a lot. Their works are great but somehow they screw up her face! (T T

——Description from Manufacturer——

The reborn who kepps the Sacred God’s name close by.

From ‘Seinarukana’ the second chapter in the popular PC game series ‘Eien Shinken Monogatari’ comes a PVC figure of the game’s heroine, Satsuki Ikaruga.

The figure was originally designed as a garage kit by the popular sculpting group Cerberus Project, but is now being released as a finished product by Lilics.

With a charming, yet focused expression, she stands gallantly brandishing her Eternity Sword, ‘Kougi’, just as a true leader should appear before her followers. Her flowing hair and costume sway graciously in the wind, as she strikes down her enemies in the heat of battle.

Seinarukana -The Sprit of Eternity Sword 2- OP

Official Seinarukana -The Sprit of Eternity Sword 2- homepage

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