Good Smile Company is going to release the Nendoroid Co-de Kagamine Len ( 鏡音レン ) Trickster Co-de ( トリッカーコーデ ) action figure from the video game “SEGA feat. HATSUNE MIKU Project” ( セガ feat. 初音ミク Project). Will be released in April 2017. Around 100mm tall, 2,778 yen.

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Preorders of Nendoroid Co-de Kagamine Len: Trickster Co-de from the GOOD SMILE ONLINE SHOP will include a Special ‘Trickster’ Badge as a bonus! The bonus will be sent at the time your product is ready to ship. Designs shown here is for illustrative purposes only. The final product may differ.

——Description from Manufacturer——

“Are you going to fall for the love trick tonight?”

A special poll was taken as a part of the Nendoroid 10th anniversary to decide which module from the Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- X game would be made into a Nendoroid Co-de figure! The winner of the poll was none other than this ‘Trickster’ module for Kagamine Len!

The Nendoroid Co-de figure faithfully captures the original design illustrated by Tama, giving Len a cute yet cool appearance with a magical twist! The small hat he wears as well as his pointed ears have all been faithfully preserved on the figure, and the hat can also be removed for a slightly different appearance! Be sure to add the charming Trickster Len to your collection!

Nendoroid Co-de Official Site:

What is Nendoroid Co-de?

Nendoroid Co-de is a new addition to the Nendoroid series based on the theme of dressing-up characters! The figures have fixed poses and each come with four parts – the head, upper garment, lower garment and shoes. Each of these parts can be swapped between characters allowing for all sorts of possibilities. The more you collect, the more dress-up options become available to you!

The name ‘Co-de’ comes from the Japanese pronunciation of the word ‘coordinate’, as in clothes coordination.