Chara-ani is going to release the Katsura Kotonoha ( 桂 言葉 ) Y-shirt Ver. ( YシャツVer. )1/8 PVC figure from the eroge/anime series “School Days HQ” ( スクールデイズ HQ). Will be released in January 2011. Around 180m tall, 7,800 yen. Chara-ani Limited edition will be also available.

You can order the standard edition here

If we say the Black Rock Shooter series is being cursed in the PVC figure industry, then I guess we can call that the School Days series is being cursed in eroge industry too. Beside the bugs issue in the original School Day, the “Nice Boat” in the last episode of the TV anime, they also keep postpone the release date of the game School Days HQ.

This Katsura Kotonoha looks pretty good, way over the usual Chara-ani quality. At first I thought she was made by Kotobukiya. She comes in two different edition, the standard edition and the Chara-ani limited edition. Beside the color of her underwear changed from pink to black in the Chara-ani limited edition, they also changed her eyes too. =]

Update: LOL, I was right, she really was made by Kotobukiya!!! But it’s just this prototype only. I believe Chara-ani is still the manufacturer.

——Description from Manufacturer——

Sculpted by Kotobukiya

From the newly updated, lengthened and re-rendered School Days HQ comes the Yandere character with an immovable position, Kotonoha Katsura! Depicted while taking off her uniform, dressed only in her dress shirt, this is a very attractive 1/8 scale figure! With her lacy underwear, black knee-socks, opened dress shirt and more, this is sure to satisfy all School Days fans!

  • Standard Edition

  • Chara-ani Limited Edition

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