M field (manufactured by PLUM) is going to release the S.F.B.T-3 (Special Fullaction Body Type-3) non-scale ABS action doll model. Will be released in September 2011. Around 290mm tall, 25,000 yen (taxed in). Model is pre-assembled.

I think it is so amazing no matter how many time I see this S.F.B.T. For those who don’t konw what S.F.B.T is, I had post the S.F.B.T-1 resin cast GK back in January 2010 and you should check it out.

This S.F.B.T-3 is the version 3 and it is a lot more poseable than the S.F.B.T-1 and it is made of ABS. It as around 80 moveable joints. M field didn’t stage what scale is it. But since the S.F.B.T-3 and the S.F.B.T-1 are around the same size, so I can say that this S.F.B.T-3 is also around 1/6 scale.

For those who want to get her. Althought she is going to be released this month, M field is still taking pre-order now. You can only order her at M field here by e-mail (m-field@mbr.nifty.com). They didn’t say anything about exclusive to Japan or anything. So you can try to email them and see if they will ship to foreign countries. =D