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I am so freaking late on this month’s Figure of the Month, thanks to other commitments on the blog. Ah well, as usual, better late than never. At least, I am still doing this post within the month itself.

This month’s Figure of the Month is KOS-MOS Ver. 4, from the game series Xenosaga (specifically, Xenosaga III). This was a pretty recent figure, it was released only December last year. I managed to obtain it from La Tendo in February, a very lucky find, as you can read about in this post.

Now, on to the info and the photos!

General Information

Name: KOS-MOS Ver. 4
Game: Xenosaga Episode III
Manufacturer: Alter
Scale: 1/8
Category: Sci-fi/Games
Release Date: December 2007
Approximate Height: 20 cm / 7.9″ (excluding base)
Overall Personal Rating (10): 8
Estimated Cost: USD 80
Availability: Getting rare despite a re-release


Since I never played the Xenosaga series, I had to rely on people who did play for some background information on exactly what KOS-MOS is, despite her fame. KOS-MOS is an android, on the side of what you would call “good”, apparently. She gets an update in every episode of the Xenosaga series it seems, for her to be called Ver. 4 in this figure version. Some profile views coming up.

Her box, not pictured here, is also pretty cool. You could probably leave her inside the box, she looks great whether she is in or out in fact. If you want to keep her safe and free from dust, you can actually leave her in the box, since the overall design will do nothing to impair her scientific beauty.

KOS-MOS Ver. 4 comes with no extra attachments except a base stand that has staggered layers in a 7-hexagonal design. Her pose is also rather visually stunning, as she holds her huge gatling gun in one hand and looks ready to take on the world. Some shots of her gun coming up.

Taking care of the gun when removing her from the box and the plastic coverings is of paramount importance; I had the greatest difficulty trying not to destroy parts of her while both taking her out of the box, and removing the plastic protective covers on certain parts. So do take care.

Some oil was also on her when I removed her from the box, so if there is any on yours, be sure to clean them off after you remove her completely from the box and her protective covers.

I have no idea how old she is, but since she is an android, one can only guess how long she is able to live. A special shot of her, seemingly like her looking into the distance, is shown below. Following that is a view from the top…can you guess what I was trying to focus on?

KOS-MOS looks into the distance…

KOS-MOS fits best if she is given a shelf by herself, or at the extreme right of a shelf of figures. Due to her imposing elegance on the side of science, you may wish to think about what figures might actually fit well with her. She also does well on a contrasting dark background as her overall color scheme is light in color, especially her translucent hair.

KOS-MOS has since gotten really rare, though there is currently a re-release out for her, and will be quite the burn on your wallet if you want to get her now. Looking for her online will be a chore, but for a figure like this, I feel it will be quite worth it, especially if you like KOS-MOS herself, or even Xenosaga.

KOS-MOS Ver. 4
Camera: Olympus Stylus 760
Location: Room (Indoors)

Wcloudxkumo also has a review of this same figure here, for more pictures (that are better than mine) do take a look at his review.