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As you know I own a lot of figures and still buying a lot of figures every month, but I am not used to write figure review. Last time I wrote a figure review was, wow, half year ago! Since we don’t have any figure news today, so I decided to digged up some figure old photo that I took long time ago and write some review. =]

Here we have Al Azif ( アル・アジフ ) 1/8 PVC figure from the anime/eroge series “Kishinhoukou Demonbane” ( 機神咆吼デモンベイン ) published by Nitro+. This figure was released by Alter in June 2007. I think you can still get her in store as I still see some stores restock her from time to time. As you know I like loli character so much, Al is one of my favorite loli characters. She is so moe especially she’s in her swimsuit.

Alter did a really good job on this figure. Her pose looks great, makes her looks really energetic. The slime life saver thing is so cute I can’t stop playing with it (LOL, you will see it how I play with it later). The sculpting is really good as you can excepted from Alter. They even care about those little detail like her finger nails. The paint job on her swimsuit is really nice done. They make it looks like you can see through it. The only thing that I want to complaint about is the color of her hair. It’s too plain. It would be prefect if they can add some shading on it. =]

Now, let’s see some photo.

Front view

Right view

Back view

Left view

Don’t you think she is so sweet?

As you can see she is soooooooooo flat, lol. I love it. XD

I love the eye of this slime thing. XD

Her sandal is removeable, but only one side tho.

——Here we go our Al & Slime story——

Al “Give me back my sandal!”

Slime “You go get it yourself.”

Btw, beside her sandal, her skirt is castoffable too.

Al fell on the ground

Al “Hey what are you doing Slime!?”

Slime “Let’s have some FUN!”

Al “Aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!”

...The End…

LOL, how you you like this little story? Isn’t that slime thing cute? Btw, check out the finger nails on the last pic, Alter even care about something as small as these!! Next time when I have time, I think I’ll do another Al Azif figure review. =]

Download original size pic here
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