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The lateness of this post hopefully does not mean the photos are going to be any less appealing; rather it was a day at the beach that nearly saw Mitsuki Hayase being swept away by a lecherous sea. This then is the September Figure of the Month, Mitsuki Hayase from the series Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, in a bikini outfit, by Good Smile Company. I know that originally, I planned for String Bikini Girl by Solid Theater to be the Figure of the Month, but that figure saw delays from the manufacturer, and she has been pushed back to October for her release, and thus Mitsuki was a good stand-in, as you will soon see.

 Review: Shining Wind Elwing la Sylphis 1/8 PVC figure by Kotobukiya

As for the events of the day itself, only Wcloudxkumo and I brought figures meant for the beach. It was a combined photoshoot by several members of Team Blue, but the figures brought were not all for the beach. Squee brought his DMC figures, and Fariz brought his Figma Miku. For some odd reason Chibihien and Feidamu each brought a “fantasy” figure, that of Reinforce Zwei and Nanoha respectively. Much fun was had though, and I think we got some weird stares from people who were just out and about on family gatherings. Nevertheless we carried on. Wongtcsg was there without a figure, helping us look after things and taking his own pictures of the concert.

As I mentioned, Mitsuki nearly got washed away by the tide. Quite frankly, I was the only one who went with Dead Snake down to the sea itself. Obviously, the beaches here are not as clean as elsewhere, but we made do. Mitsuki gave me two scares. The first was a surprise because a boat passed by some distance offshore, and I guess the waves just grew slightly bigger all of a sudden, and she started sliding back. I was a short distance off (since I was casting shadows around her, not good for photos) and panicked a bit when she started moving into the water. She was saved in time.

The second was worse but not much of a surprise. I kept looking out for possible big waves in the distance, and was quite sure the waves would hardly touch her, or if they did, the sand she was in would stop her, as she was somewhat embedded. But there was this big one that went sloshing around her, and almost immediately a second one that brought the water level up to her chest, and we were actually some ways off from tideline itself. Scary.

Anyway, all was good, I washed her afterwards. The pictures in this shoot are taken from a combination of three cameras, that of mine, DS’, and Wcloudx’s. I am deeply indebted to them for helping me with some of the more difficult pictures. Also, the water you see on Mitsuki is actual seawater near the tideline, while those shot away from the tideline is thanks to tap water as I washed her nearby before shooting pictures of her again.

The photoshoot was shot in two locations. The first was at the tideline, the second was on a table away from the seaside at the back of the small beach. Another set was taken at the table at a later time (without sunlight). Thus these pictures are as you see them, without postprocessing except for watermarking. For larger pictures, click on them. Enjoy this great bikini figure from GSC. Here is Mitsuki Hayase.

General Information

Name: Mitsuki Hayase
Series: Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Scale: 1/8
Category: Mild Ecchi/Bikini
Release Date: 3rd September 2008
Approximate Height: 15 cm / 5.9″ (not including base)
Overall Personal Rating (10): 8
Estimated Cost: USD 50-60
Availability: Currently common


I never watched the KGNE series, or rather, I wanted to watch it and it is on my backlog list right now. So I have no idea of Mitsuki’s storyline, aside from many people thinking of her as snatching away the main female lead’s boyfriend. In any case, in this one, you need no story; Mitsuki is shown in her bikini tempting onlookers by a sliding pantsu. A few shots of her profile below from different angles.

Where figure complexity is concerned, at least bikini figures have it easy. She fits easily into her base, there are indentations for her in it. You can hardly get it wrong either, but she was getting scraped quite a bit being carried around on the stand though, and I think I left a mark or two on her shins. :\

Some shots below of her at the seaside.

Of course, being at the beach means being in the sun. Here are some from the “In The Sun” series, showing off Mitsuki actually being at the beach, other than just being at the sea.

Mitsuki looks off into the distance…

Of course, this figure is (almost) all about the bikini. Here are two obligatory pantsu shots.

Close-up shots of Mitsuki are, needless to say, difficult without the right camera. Here are a few, since her expression and her face are also a huge part of the reason why one would buy this figure.

Mitsuki is a pretty small figure and has a small base, so she fits easily where you have space. However the problem is likely finding out where she should be, since she fits best with other swimsuit or bikini figures. She also is more suited to a lower vantage point, or somewhere at face level, whether sitting or standing for a person.

GSC once again pulls off a great figure, despite their name for being more of a distributor than a figure manufacturer. Mitsuki Hayase is a great figure to have, and if you like the KGNE series, then you should be getting her and the earlier released Suzumiya Haruka from the same series, also in a bikini outfit. Wcloudxkumo brought his to complement the shoot, and I end this photoshoot with two pictures of them together.

Where are you looking, Mitsuki…

The two girls of KGNE pose for the camera.

Mitsuki Hayase
Cameras: Olympus Stylus 760 / D40 Nikon (Deadsnake & Wcloudxkumo)
Location: Sembawang Beach

 Review: Shining Wind Elwing la Sylphis 1/8 PVC figure by Kotobukiya