Reviewed by Ashlotte

Well it seems GGT enjoyed the first review enough for me to make another one so here I am again to present ya with one!

This go-round were gonna be looking at Jun from Koto. Apparently GGT thinks his readers are mostly pervs like myself that enjoy staring up cute boys skirts and thus thought Jun would be a good follow-up figure to review and who am I to argue with the boss, so away we go!

So lets get a little Biography info out their on our character here!

Jun-chan is well…Jun-chan…I want to say everyone should know him but I still find people ,much to my amazement, that still don’t know who he is.

Ah lets see…Jun-chan comes from the Eroge Happiness!. He’s preferred to dress in girls clothes for a long time and has a great back story…If you have the means I highly recommend playing Re:lucks to fully understand Jun’s awesomeness. ~_^

Koto’s pretty big on basing its poses off official art their figures and this ones no different as you can see from the above image, which is just a full body of his normally cropped in-game sprite.

“A cute box deserving of its contents indeed!”

So then lets see how this one fares compared to the previous rendition we were graced with!

As-is typical with Koto he comes in a nice little small box, which I’m always thankful for!

The design is very good as seems to be standard for their figures as well. The color scheme is perfectly done in the Happiness! style with several cute little star cut windows on the side. Its defiantly attractive enough to display him inside with no problem!

One last point of comment on the outside is the words “Legend Girls”. While I know many commented on him being in this line of figures I still get a chuckle out of seeing that on his box. ~_^

“Alright how many of ya just tried taking a peak…be honest!”

Getting him out isn’t too hard although some of the cling plastic is pretty annoying to remove most especially the one under his skirt. Now I don’t have too much to complain about being forced to feel around under Jun’s skirt, but its still a pretty tough struggle to rip that stuff from under there. >_>

Well then after your done groping Jun-chan’s panties you’ll notice a extra arm and face respectively as well as a nice little illustrated guide of what to do with these. I guess this goes to show Koto’s side business of plastic kits as they always seem to provide instructions anytime they’d be warranted!

Removing both the arm and face for swapping isn’t too terribly hard, but it certainly tougher then most other figures I’ve come across using the feature. Alas his alternative arm that goes behind his back doesn’t connect as flush as the default one leaving a visible gap at certain viewing angles sadly enough.

“Thats alright I peek all the time anyway… *cough*”

Now then that we have our desired face and arm pose lets take a good long look at the delicious Jun here…

The sculpting is quite beautiful through most of the figure. Of course because of the face change gimmick he has a more noticeable then usual hair seam, but again its their for a reason. Both of his faces are incredibly cute though! The shape is spot on to Jun-chan and both sport an expression from his in-game sprites!

The hair is sculpted well although a bit more detail would have been nice. The real gems of the sculpt aside from the face for me though is all below the waist! His skirt sort of flutters out in lovely fashion with two long slender legs ending in some of the most detailed shoes I’ve ever seen.

And yes for those wondering he has his bulge and no unlike the other one theirs no stupid female pair of panties to swap for. This is a true trap figure! :p

“Adorable face…but then I’m hideously biased so ya know…”

Painting is slightly worse then the sculpt, but not too much. They did some wonderful shading in his uniform top although theirs some paint mess near the bottom of it. Thankfully from a distance this just looks like wrinkles so it actually somehow enhances the look bizarrely enough.

His hair has a nice gradient to it so its not just a flat purple throughout being a ravinshing light lavender shade instead. The skirt and stockings both had loving attention on them with just a small amount of error on the very edge of the skirt and the shoes just being gorgeous!

One odd thing was the decision to paint his panties like they were on top of the stockings instead of under like they should be. Not sure if this is just laziness on Koto’s part or what. It’s kinda odd, but for those that want a good up-skirt look at him it makes it stand out more I guess. >_>

“”You want a photo of me?” *nods furiously*”

The pose (Both of them) are perfect of course being lifted directly off of his sprite’s so theirs really nothing to complain about at all. Whether you want cute slightly shy Jun or playful teasing Jun you’ve got both those bases covered in this figure!

Funny enough the base is almost the exact same as the one his previous figure came with being the male gender symbol although this one is in a pinkish salmon color instead of lavender. Oddly enough though its pointing the wrong way. Not sure if this was done on purpose or not?

“Second Koto figure I own that had absurdly well detailed shoes…Kinda odd, but nice.”


  • Beautiful sculpting throughout
  • Great attention to detail in most areas
  • Two distinct poses basically gives you two figures for the price of one


  • Some errors in his top, but they actually make him look more detailed from a distance. O.o


  • Poor color choice for the base
  • Gap in one of the swappable arms means it won’t fit completely flush like it ought to

“Just as nice coming as going!”

So there we have it! I’m going to do a brief comparison between the two Jun figures now since I’m guessing some might be interested in such a thing.

Honestly for my 2cents if you want to know based strictly off quality their both about even. I’d say the Solid Theater one has slightly better sculpt and paint (Especially in the hair and uniform), but only slightly.

“Double trouble never looked so good…”

One thing I think the Koto one wins big at is the pose. While no where near as blatantly erotic as Solid Theaters the long legs clad in pantyhose paired with a slightly uplifted skirt just begs you to take a gander under the hood and depending on arm/face choice you get the feeling that’s just what Jun is tempting you to do here. The perfect pose for a trap figure really :p

So if you made me choose between only one of the two I’d have to say this one although not by much.

Either way its another fantastic rendition of Jun that I’m happy to have…I have no idea what sparked this renaissance in Jun merchandising lately, but all I can say is keep it coming Japan I’ll buy all of it until I’m broke…Then I’ll sell some organs and buy the rest. >_>

“Didn’t think I’d leave without giving you some up skirt action did ya? :p”