Hi, this is Shadow, the secondary administrator of Neko Magic. Our primary aministrator GGT refused to do the 18+ review so I’ll do it for his own sake. This is my first post FYI. The “R” on the banner means “Review”. We’re using this for the time being, might change it next time.

This post contains adult material, you need to be 18 or over to view it.

Althought the picture here are censored, you can download the uncensored picture at the download section.

I took this review from another blog, thanks to アキバ HOBBY. They did a good job on the review of this lovely Straweberry-chan.

All 8 angles for this sexy figure.

The strawberries are sticked to her hair just like the original illustration.

The clothes is castoffable, you will see it in the next couple photo.

The panty is half off, what a sexy pose.

Only one shoe and sock is left, where is the other shoe and sock??

Ok, the clothes is off finally!

She got a pair of small puppies, which are so lovely IMO.

The body is painted with a layer of glossy paint, gives her a wet skin feeling.

The legs can be detached form the body so that you can take the panty off.

Hairless loli is so lovely.

The “V zone” is showed clearly.

Original size and uncensored pic at download section