Lechery is going to release the Shibare Jizou-chan ( 縛られ地蔵ちゃん ) Hemp Rope ver. ( 麻縄縛ver. ) 1/8 PVC figure from the figure project “Moebutsu” ( もえぶつ ) by A-toys. Will be released in July 2012, 7800 yen. Castoffable.

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Bosatsu gold, Nyorai red, Akemi red, Jizou-chan (left to right)

Bosatsu blue, Nyorai blue, Akemi green, Jizou-chan white (left to right)

Here come the 4th Moebutsu, Shibare Jizou-chan! I guess the previous 3 sold really well so they decided to release this Jizou-chan in PVC instead of polystone.

For your information, production cost of PVC figure is cheaper than polystone or resin cast figure BUT only if you’re makig TONS of them (something like over 10,000). That’s why you always see small manufacturers don’t make PVC figure because they can’t sell that many or simply can’t afford the production cost.