Moon Toys is going to release the Range Murata Headphone Girl ( 村田 蓮爾 ヘッドフォン少女 ) 1/7 PVC figure from the cover illustration of “Headphone Girl Pictorial Book” ( ヘッドフォン少女画報 ) illustrated by Range Murata ( 村田 蓮爾 ). Will be released in September 2011. Around 170mm tall, 8,800 yen. Castoffable.

You can order her here

“Headphone Girl Pictorial Book”

I think most of you should know who Range Murata is so I’ll just skip that. For those Range Murata fans, I warn you don’t waste your money on this figure unless you see the final produce and still want to burn your money on her. The quality of Moon Toys is not good. It is really not worth 8,800 yen… (-____-.

——Description from Manufacturer——

The cover illustration of “Headphone Girl Pictorial Book” (Gakkenn Publishing) by Range Murata, “Heaphone Girl” is here by Katsuaki Nemoto’s sculpt!

The image of illustration is kept as it was and the parts which were not drawn are added to be in 3D figure.

By undressing parts, you can enjoy her transform into cute image to active image!