Konami is going to release the Marron-sensei ( マロン先生 ) 1/8 PVC figure from the game series “Quiz Magic Academy” by Konami. Will be released on June 06, 2010. Marron-sensei around 180mm tall, Garuda-sensei around 50mm tall, 5,524 yen. Only available at Konamistyle.

Remember the Nazo no Shoujo figure and Tsumuhana Isuzu figures that Konami wanted to release in March 2010? I never heard anything about them since then. It seems that they couldn’t reach the 1,000 pre-order goal and had to drop those two.

I just see this Marron-sensei today on Konami style, she is actually an old news (Sept 2009) but I’m going to post her anyway. Just like those 2 figures, this Marron-sensei will need 2,000 pre-order before December 20, 2009, otherwise Konami will drop her as well. Today is Dec 17 already and it seems that they still haven’t reach 2,000 pre-order. I guess she will not see the daylight in June. =(

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