Banpresto (manufactured by Max Factory) is going to release the figma the Magical Scissors Nail Marron=Macaron ( マジカルシザーネイル まろん=まかろん) action figure from the PSP game “Queen’s Gate Spiral Chaos” ( クイーンズゲイト スパイラルカオス ). Will be bundled with the PSP game “Queen’s Gate Spiral Chaos” rebellion pack ( クイーンズゲイト スパイラルカオス 激乱パック ). Will be released on July 28, 2011. Around 140mm tall, 9,980 yen.

I really hate this kind of game bundle. Why can’t they just sell the figure only? =( But I’m so glad that the bundled character is the original character from Queen’s Gate Spiral Chaos. If the bundled figma is Alice or Katja, then I guess I’ll have to order it even I don’t have a PSP. (@@.

Just like the other Queen’s Blade game bundle, this figma Marron=Macaron will come with a shift body. You can make her in the damage mode even if she is not castoffable like the Revoltech Queen’s Blade. =]

Oh by the way, I really have no idea how to translate the word “激乱”, so I translated it into “Rebellion”. “Rebellion” is not really a good word for it, so if anyone have any suggestion please let me know!

——Description from Manufacturer——

Genre: simulation RPG

A crossover follow up to Queen’s Blade: Spiral Chaos released in Dec. 2009.

Characters appear in Queen’s Gate: Spiral Chaos
– Alice (Queen’s Blade)
– Ink Nijihara (Moe Tan)
– Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury)
– Iroha (Samurai Showdown)
– Mina Majikina (Samurai Showdown)
– Dizzy (Guilty Gear)
– Cham Cham (Samurai Showdown)
– Lili (Tekken)
– Junko Hattori (Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Mao)
– Katja (The Qwaser of Stigmata)
– Jubei Yagyu (Hyakka Ryoran)
– Kotone (Super Nurse Pain Killer Kotone-chan)
+ Original character: Magical Patissiere Marron=Macaron

Limited edition bonuses:
1) Special Visual BOX
2) figma Marron=Macaron w/ optional part “shift body” and figma display stand
3) Pass Case