R-line Griffon Enterprises is going to the Wandering Soldier Reina ( 流浪の戦士レイナ ) Platinum Color ( プラチナカラー ) non-scale PVC figure from the visual book/anime “Queen’s Blade” ( クイーンズブレイド ). Will be released in August 2010. Around 180mm tall, 5,900 yen. Castoffable.
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Origianl Ver., DX color Ver., Platinum Color Ver.

Just like the Airi, this is the 3rd color version of this Reina. Normally when a manufacturer release an alternative color version for any given QB figure, it will be like a 2P or 3P or whatever color. But this Reina is so different. All of these 3 color version looks like 1P color to me. XD

——Description from Manufacturer——

Character created by Hirokazu Hisayuki Page illustrated by Hiraku Kaneko

Sculpted by i-con

With the original version sold only as a special bonus for early ticket buyers for Treasure Fest, Griffon is responding to the voice of the fans by releasing a new version of this popular Leina figure!

Standing 18cm tall and full of detail, this figure features a new “platinum” color scheme on Leina’s armor – sure to be an excellent addition to any Queen’s Blade collection!

This figure also includes bonus “long hair” parts from the very beginning of the anime, as well as removable armor parts!

Queen’s Blade – Reina – on the mark