Yamato is going to release the VMF Wandering Soldier Reina ( 流浪の戦士レイナ ) 2P Color Ver. ( 2Pカラーver. ) action figure from the visual book/anime series “Queen’s Blade” ( クイーンズブレイド ). Will be released in January 2010, 7,800 yen. Castoffable.

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You can pre-order her here 

After one whole year, Yamato decided to re-introduce their VMF Reina by change her into 2P color. There aren’t many VMF in the market now and seems to me that Yamato isn’t really care about this action figure line. For more than 1 year, If you don’t count the atlernate color versions, there are only 3 VMF, Kusanagi Motoko from Ghost in the Shell, Ryomou Shimei from Ikkitousen, and Reina from Queen’s Blade, in the market. I think Reina is the best looking one. The Kusanagi Motoko and Ryomou Shimei don’t look so good too me.

Queen’s Blade season 2 Vol.0 promo

Official Queen’s Blade homepage

Official Queen’s Blade anime homepage

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