Kaiyodo is going to release the Revoltech Queen’s Blade 001 Wandering Soldier Reina ( 流浪の戦士レイナ ) 2P color ( 2Pカラー ) action figure from the anime/ visual book “Queen’s Blade” ( クイーンズブレイド ). Per-order will be taken from July 7th to August 10th 2009. Will be released on October 27th 2009. Around 130mm tall, 2,900 yen (tax in). 7-11 Japan exclusive. Castoffable.

Like I said in the Hakurei Reimu 2P color post, I’m not a 2P color person. I never think of getting original color of this Reina at all, but somehow I want this Reina 2P color so badly. Maybe it’s because the word “Exclusive”? =P

Queen’s Blade anime trailer

Official Queen’s Blade homepage

Official Queen’s Blade anime homepage

via Kaiyodo & Moeyo