Kogei Process A+ Division ( 巧芸プロセス A+事業部 ) is going to release the Thousand faces Assassin Melona ( 千変の刺客メローナ ) Damaged Ver. ( ダメージを受けるVer. ) 1/4.5 PVC figure from the visual book/anime “Queen’s Blade”. Will be released in the November December 2010. 12,400 yen. Castoffable.

What? a new figure manufacturer? I couldn’t find any information about Kogei Process let alone the A+ Division, but I have a gut feeling that they’re actually the bankrupt Taki corporation!!

This ugly photography lighting, the square images style, and the unfriendly short pre-order period, all of these do remind me of Taki. And this Melona is made by the same sculptor “HEMMP” who made the 1/2.5 Cattleya by Taki. Maybe those people from Taki came out and formed this Kogei Process?

Queen’s Blade Gyokuza wo Tsugumono ED Melona ver.