APLUS is going to release the Inferno Temptress Airi ( 冥土へ誘うものアイリ ) Miyazawa Limited Edition 2P Color Ver. ( 宮沢模型流通限定 2PカラーVer. ) 1/2.5 Polystone GK from the visual book/anime “Queen’s Blade” ( クイーンズブレイド ). Will be released in July 2011. Around 320mm tall, 23,800 yen. Castoffable. Kit will be pre-painted and completed.

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Here comes the huge size Airi 2P Color figure from APLUS! Beside changing the color, APLUS also made some small modification to her mouth. Now they’re releasing this Airi in 2P color, does that mean the original 1P color Airi was selling well? That’s really have to believe!!! (Oo.

Queen’s Blade Spiral Chaos – Airi Perfect Knockdown