Kaiyodo is going to the Revoltech Queen’s Blade 010 the the Guardian of Forest Nowa ( 森の番人ノワ ) action figure from the visual book/anime “Queen’s Blade”. Will be released on April 01 2010. Around 135mm tall, 2,762 yen. Castoffable.

You can order her here

Nowa, the no-pan half elf. In the world of Queen’s Blade, they said elf don’t wear pantsu! So both Echidna and Nowa don’t wear pantsu at all. But somehow Alleyne does wear pantsu that made of leaf.

This is the first Revoltech QB flat chest character that Kaiyodo make. When the news of Nowa first showed up in Revoltech Expo 2009, a lot of people wondered how would Kaiyodo made her flat chest. Some people worried that Kaiyodo would just give her a normal size breast and called it a day. But after people saw the prototype in the magazine, everybody was happy. Even though she is not as flat as I preferred, I’m still really happy about it. Now I’m really looking forward to Aludra (should be released in May) and I wish that Kaiyodo will give us Ymir and Tomoe soon. =D

Ymir and Nowa