Good Smile Company is going to release the Cheerful Japan! Puchitto Rock Shooter: Mug & Tote Bag Set ( ぷちっと★ロックシューター クッション&エコバッグセット ) from online game “Puchitto Rock Shooter” (ぷちっと★ロックシューター ), a spin-off of “Black Rock Shooter” ( ブラック★ロックシューター ). Will be released in July 2011 for Japan and August 2011 for foreign countries. Around 100mm tall, 3,000 yen (taxed in). Good Smile Online Shop exclusive.

Puchitto Rock Shooter, Cushion & Eco-bag Set, Mug & Tote Bag Set (left to right)

Here comes another wave of Cheerful Japan! items! We have 3 kinds of products this month! The first product is “Nendoroid No.180 Puchitto Rock Shooter”, the second product is “Puchitto Rock Shooter: Cushion & Eco-bag Set”, and the third product is “Puchitto Rock Shooter: Mug & Tote Bag Set”.

I’m getting the Nendoroid Puchitto Rock Shooter for sure. She is super cute!!! And I really want the Mug set too. But 3,000 yen (+shipping) is kinda pricy just for 2 mugs and a bag. This Cheerful Japan! project is killing me. X'(

——Description from Manufacturer——

Carry around the Puchitto Rock Shooter cheer wherever you go!

The second month of the Cheerful JAPAN! project is here, and with it comes a variety of products from Puchitto Rock Shooter – the browser game that can be played as a NicoNico application, which was created as a spin-off of Black Rock Shooter!

The third product for this month is another set of items – a pair of mugs, one of Puchitto Rock Shooter and another of the Great Puchitto Seijin, a mini tote bag with an illustration of a Puchitto Seijin running energetically, and finally a key chain featuring Puchitto Rock Shooter and the Great Puchitto Seijin – a load of goodies to enjoy!

For each sale made, Good Smile Company will donate 1000JPY to aid relief efforts in Japan.

What is ‘Cheerful Japan!’?  

Cheerful Japan! is a collaboration project between Good Smile Company and other figure makers to help support the relief efforts in Northern Japan. Every month for the next year we will be announcing a new charity project on the 11th of each month. We hope the money donated will help Japan get back on it’s feet even if it’s just a little bit faster!

Cheerful JAPAN!Official Site:

The May. June and July Cheerful JAPAN! products will be on sale at the Summer Wonder Festival taking place on 24th July. Visit the WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU!! 14 booth if you want to grab them.

Overseas Purchases 

This product can be ordered from the following stores:


  • Orders can be made from Wednesday the 28th June at 11:00JST until Thursday 7th July at 20:00JST.
  • Five figures per person will be available.
  • Figures will be made to order.
  • The Puchitto Rock Shooter Cushion and Eco-Bag set as well as the Puchitto Rock Shooter Mugs and Tote Bag will be delivered in late August.
  • Nendoroid Puchitto Rock Shooter will be delivered in late November.
  • Payment will be via credit card, or PAYPAL. Please see the following for more details:
  • Your credit card will be charged on order, and not when the product is sent.
  • Shipping will be charged at 2000JPY to all countries.
  • You may be charged additional fees such as import tax when buying from overseas. Please be aware of this before ordering.
  • Payment will be in Japanese Yen.
  • Please mail if you have any questions. English only please.

Puchitto Rock Shooter