Aoshima is going to release the Personification figure ( 擬人化フィギュア ) Hayabusa-tan ( はやぶさたん ) Itokawa Base Ver. ( イトカワ台座Ver. ) and Welcome Home base Ver. ( オカエリナサイ台座Ver. ) non-scale plastic model kit of the Hayabusa spacecraft. Will be released on October 2010. Around 140mm tall (include base), 2,500 yen. Kit is not prepainted nor completed.

After doing some research on this little spacecraft Hayabusa and watched some Youtube video, now I know why all the Japanese are so attached to it. This little girl is REALLY tough! Having so many failure during her 7 years journey, she is finally making it back to the Earth on June 13!

I almost cried when I watched those Youtube video, it was so touching! If you don’t want to spend 1 hr+ to those video, you can just watch the “Hayabusa -Back to the Earth- trailer” to get an idea what is it all about. Now I really want to get this little Hayabusa-tan! (@@.

——Description from Return of the Falcon——

This is the story of “Hayabusa”, a spacecraft that explored and landed on an asteroid.

The Hayabusa mission flew to an Asteroid named Itokawa and plans to bring back a sample of the surface material to the Earth. After overcoming many difficulties, Hayabusa successfully studied Itokawa, and landed on the surface several times. But after that, Hayabusa came up against its biggest problem. Communication with the Earth stopped because it couldn’t point its antenna correctly….

  • Itokawa Base Ver. ( イトカワ台座Ver. )

  • Welcome Home base Ver. ( オカエリナサイ台座Ver. )


Hayabusa -Back to the Earth- trailer

Return of the Falcon Part 1 (of 4)

Return of the Falcon Part 2 (of 4)

Return of the Falcon Part 3 (of 4)

Return of the Falcon Part 4 (of 4)