Amiami is going to release the Lucia ( ルーシア ) 1/7 PVC figure from the online golf simulation game series “Pangya season 4: Delight” ( スカッとゴルフ パンヤ ). Will be released in November 2009. Around 130mm tall, 7,600 yen.

I never try this game since I’m not really interested in golf. But it seems to me that this game is more than just play golf. I have seen a lot of clip/screenshots show that there are main different characters like Miku, Rin, Len, and others show up in this game. I don’t know if they’re official add-on characters or just mod.

Lucia is an idol singer. She enters the Pangya tournament in order to prove that music is not the only talent she has. She is sooo cute! I like her pink hair a lot and I think her pose is really sexy. Since Amiami is a really new figure manufacturers and all of their previous figures are the really popular ones (Kanu, Yoko, and Strike Witches). so I’m really surprised that amiami would release this Lucia figure. =]

——Description from Wikipedia——

Pangya (Korean: 팡야, lit. “Bang!”), is an online multiplayer casual golf simulation game designed by a Korean development company, Ntreev Soft and published by Korean online game publisher HanbitSoft. The full game is free to download, although certain special items for the game (such as clothes for characters, new equipment, and decorations) can only be purchased with real money. However, all characters are purchasable without real money, and certain measures have been taken to minimize or effectively reduce the differences between money users and non-money users. The game awards players with Pang, a currency that can be used to upgrade a character, or items to gain the upper hand during a course.

download this wallpaper (1600×1200)

download this wallpaper (1600×1200)

Pangya season 4: Delight promotion movie

Official Pangya homepage (Japan)

Official Pangya homepage (USA)

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