PLUM is going to release the Plafia Erika ( エリカ ) non-scale plastic model kit from the online golf simulation game series “Pangya” ( スカッとゴルフ パンヤ ). Will be released in May 2010. Around 130mm tall, 3,500 yen. Kit is not painted nor assembled.

Erika is hot in the game! And this figure… um… yea, still pretty cute but not as hot as in the game. I don’t know anything about Pangya. But from the number of clips on Youtube, I think she is reeeeeeally popular among fans. She has way more clips than the little private girl Kooh.

PLUM’s first plastic model Kooh still haven’t release so we don’t know how good/bad the quality of them yet. If they’re good, I think a lot of people will use them for the modification purpose. But still, I think 3,500 yen is pretty expensive for a non-painted kit like this. =P

Erika preview