Daiki Kougyou is going to release the Sub-machine gun Mana ( S・M・G 真奈 ) Subspecies ( 亜種 ) 1/12 PVC figure from the original character by OVER DARD. Will be released in July 2010. Around 65mm tall, 3,400 yen. Comes with the sub-machine gun FN.M249.Minimi.

This post contains adult material, you need to be 18 or over to view it.

You can order her here 

Ok, here is the easiest way to turn your figma (or another figures with the similar scale) into an ero figure. Step 1 – Buy this “Sub-machine gun Mana” or the “1/12 scale Yamadaya’s Akuma-san“. Step 2 – Pull the Mana’s or Akuman-san’s head off. Step 3 – Put your figma head on, DONE!!!!

This is the alternative color version of the original Mana. But I guess the color doesn’t really matter since you will strip her off right after you get her in your mail. Btw, despite she is only 1/12 scale, she is really *detailed if you know what I mean. XD

Well anyway, as I mentioned in the Yamadaya’s Akuma-san Pink Ver. post, they’re figma/revoltech ready. It’s just plug&play. Good Job Daiki, what a brillant idea you have!