BEAT (manufactured by A-Label) is going to release the Futo Shizune ( 風冬しずね ) Unifrom Ver. ( 制服Ver. ) 1/6 PVC figure from the eroge “Oshioki Sweetie” ( オシオキSweetie~恋するお姉さんはウラハラです~ ) published by Hadashi Shoujo. Will be released in December 2011 February March 2012, 8,800 yen. Castoffable.

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You can order her here

Another Futo Shizune figure manufactured by A-label, and she is fully castoffable!!! =D I still haven’t see any recent figures from A-label yet, so I can’t tell you how’s their quality now. But I have the Al Azif & Leica figure set that made by them from 4 years ago. Their quality were really good even with the standard today. And seems like their recent released figures were selling pretty well. So I think they’re still pretty good. =]

——Description from Manufacturer——

From the hit PC game Oshioki Sweetie comes the second figure of Shizune Fuutou, this time in her uniform! Includes parts so you can change her outfit to a swimsuit, as well! and of course, her very recognizable bust has been perfectly represented!