Chocolate Shop Float is going to release ( ザ・ホワイトライオン エクストラブラック ) non-scale PVC figure from the original character by Chocolate Shop Float. Will be released in January 2010, 2,800 yen.

For those are Busou Shinki fans, I think you know everything about her already. For those who aren’t, sorry, I’m not one either.=( What I know is when Chocolate Shop Float announced the original color of this White Lion in C76, all the people on the Busou Shinki channel were talking about her.

From what I saw in the Busou Shinki channel, the character designer of The White Lion is CHOCO, a very well known mechine designer. The figure sculptor is Miyagawa Takeshi ( 宮川武, from T’s system. ), a sculptor that we should all know by now on Nekomagic. And The weapon sculptor is Karashima Toshikazu ( 辛嶋としかず, from h-unit).

For those who want to pre-order her, she is only available at