Kaiyodo is going to release the Revoltech Yamaguchi No.72 Reycal action figure from the manga “Orchalcum Reycal” ( オリハルコン・レイカル ) serialized in Dragon Age Pure by Tsunashima Shirou ( 綱島志朗 ). Will be released on August 15, 2009, 2,286 yen.

You can order her here 

This is a story about you read too many manga – When I first saw this figure couple months ago, I thougth this character looks pretty nice and wondered who she is. Then today I got these photos on BBS so I did some research about the manga “Orchalcum Reycal” right away. I found the manga cover on internet and found the short description on Wiki. Here comes the interesting part. I was pretty sure I never read this manga but somehow the description sounds really familiar to me. So I looked into my manga collection and found that I actually have the first Volume of this manga. Not just that, and I found that I had the other manga of the same author …. OTZ

Well anyway, here comes the Revoltech No.72 Reycal action figure. I don’t know the size of her yet. But by looking at the size of the Revoltech joints, I believe her size is the same as the Queen’s Blade Revoltech (around 130mm tall). Althought I have a lot of figure pre-ordered in August, I should be able to still have enough $$$ to get her. Thank you Kaiyodo to keep her in the Yamaguchi line and keep the price low.=]

Tsunashima Shirou personal blog

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