Sen-ti-nel is going to release the One Piece H.O.O.K.2 Sentinel ( 千値練 ONEPIECE H.O.O.K2 ) trading figure from the long-running popular shonen manga/anime “One Piece” ( ワンピース ). Will be released in January 2012. Around 90mm tall, 760 yen each, (4,560 yen for a BOX of 6 pieces). 6 kinds in total.

Here come the One Piece ladies that can literally hook you up again! These magnetic hook…ers (? LOL) are really attractive. I saw the final products of the previous ones and they look really good for their price. And someone even did a makaizou to the Boa Hancock one! XD

  • Kalifa ( カリファ )

  • Hina ( ヒナ )

  • Sadie ( セイディ )