Another monthly update! Sorry it’s 2 weeks late. As usual, I’ll put up the stat of this site and the figures that I bought in October.

  • As of this moment, is ranked 155,193.(was 224,343 one and a half month ago). I’m hoping to get into 100,000 within 3 months.
  • We have 868 registered user, 164 feed readers, and 62 email subscribers now. Cool, we’re growing pretty good. =D

Again, please click the ad banners when you have time if you want to support this site guys. Even better you can buy stuff from my Play-Asia links. =P

BTW, I have a $5 off coupon ($50 minimum purchase) from Play-Asia. The coupon code is JC-LIV-XDP. Expires on Dec 29, 2008. I don’t know if it’s one time use or can be used many time. So you better hurry and be the first one to use it. If you use it, please buy from my Play-Asia links. =D

Since I’m unemployed and kinda tight on $$$, I didn’t buy much stuff in last month.

Yea, this is my second fimga Kagami. I bought this extra one because I want to mod it to a Miku Kagami. =]

I still couldn’t believe that I can get this figure. She was long gone within a week after released in January 2007. It’s impossible to find one anywhere. But I happened to find her in Play-Asis last month. They still have some in stock even now. You can get her here.

Elea from Blassreiter. I started to watch Blassreiter because of her. XD

Vol.1 of Haruhi Vignetteum Cute set. They are super cute. I’m gonna buy the Vol.2 for sure when they come out.l

You can find the pic of the Vol.2 here.


Finally I have some time to take some figure out of the box. But I still have lots of figures are still in the box.

Kagami just joined Konata to bull Tora-kun this week. XD



Bought her 2 months ago and I finally have time to take her out this week.

Her axe is so big that takes up a lot of space. (-_______-.l|l

POP Alice in wonderland. Their quality are really really nice. Really can’t believe they’re just cheapo Sega prize figures.

As I always say, I like flat chest girls. She is in front of me rigth now. =D

They’re so kawaii!!!! I think I might do a figure review for them when I have time.